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Day 10: Maria dashes Pere’s dreams of a relationship – BBNaija

03 August 2021
Pere is after “friendship with intentions”, but Maria is not having any of it.
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What a time it has been for the Wildcards. From evading possible Eviction, to getting Nomination privileges from Biggie, Maria and Pere have had quite a run of activities. Did these sets of activities create a bond between them? Well, Pere seems to think so because he wants more.

Pere decided to take the bull by the horns last night and went over to Maria’s room to tell her about his growing affection for her. This after Liquorose told him how Maria always blushes at the mention of Pere’s name. Unfortunately for Pere, Maria wasn’t having any of it. She told Pere straight up that she does not like him the way he likes her – and can’t fake it. After her honest revelation, she went back to sleep.

Pere then had a conversation with Sammie, passing off Maria’s comments as her being scared of committing to a relationship with him. The gist between them continued this morning with Sammie encouraging Pere to put in more effort with speaking to Maria, saying she would listen to him later on.

Pere on the other hand seems to be trying to console himself with the idea that he doesn’t necessarily want to be in a relationship with anyone in the House. What he wants with Maria, however, is what he calls “friendship with good intentions”. He claims not to be interested in just a platonic friendship with Maria because he would like to have something more with her outside the House. Pere also went on to explain to Sammie that his kissing Beatrice in the truth or dare game they had, is also one of the reasons Maria rejected him.

Beatrice also thinks that could be it. In a conversation with Angel, Beatrice alluded to the fact that Maria seemed annoyed by the kiss and eventually left the geng and headed off to her bed. “She likes him very much,” she told Angel.

Now that Maria has cleared Pere out of the way (or has she?), is there anyone that could really be on her radar? We are not sure but yesterday during the ’Truth or Dare’ game, Emmanuel was told to pick his crush and give her a kiss as well as a lap dance. Emmanuel went for Liquorose and then did the needful.

What’s the point of all these details, you ask? Well, it was Maria’s face while it all happened. She looked quite uneasy and annoyed the whole time.

Could it be that she has a thing for Emmanuel? Or was she annoyed that Pere kissed Beatrice? Hmmm! We are not sure for now but we can’t wait to see all the relationship drama that unfolds in the weeks to come.

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