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Biggie’s unforgettable pearls of wisdom – BBNaija

05 October 2021
Biggie's pearls of wisdom are the gems you need to hold on to and here's why.

Biggie’s Diary Room has given us some memorable words of wisdom that not only uplifted the spirits of Housemates this Season, but often resonated with us.  

Here’s a look at all the pearls of wisdom we will never forget, courtesy of the big man himself!

When Cross wondered how Emmanuel became the Head of House, he questioned how luck was not on his side and further tried to analyse how luck presents itself to who may need it most. Biggie stepped in to remind Cross “When an event occurs it’s only natural for us to wonder how it happened? However, the simplest explanation is the most preferable. In other words, Emmanuel is the HoH because he won the HOH Games.”  At face value, we can feel like this response was dismissive, but giving more depth to the context, we came to realise that what Biggie meant was simple: Worrying about the unknown is just another trap door that could lead you into a state of anxiety. Keeping it simple is a way of acknowledging circumstances out of our control, and living in the present because that's all you can do. 

“You do not always have to explain yourself” 

While Biggie commended Nini for executing her Secret Task perfectly, he added that maybe if she spoke less about what she saw, the Housemates would leave her alone. Well, sometimes it’s okay to do your part and just leave it as that because “no” is a complete sentence. In essence, this was a friendly reminder that when we are questioned by those around us, sometimes it’s also okay to set up some boundaries and keep sensitive details to yourself, but most importantly if you’re making big moves in life, continue to Shine Ya Eye. 

“Sometimes it’s advisable to ask questions about the things you even think you know.” 

We don’t always know it all and even when we do, it’s okay to have clarity and a sense of direction for the things that may seem obvious. It may seem as though it’s better to look like a fool when asking for clarity for a few minutes, than doing the wrong thing – which could lead to a lifetime of regrets. Well, from love to general aspects of life that involve second parties, keep your head held high and communicate openly and honestly.

Be kind 

We all love receiving compliments – and it’s always exciting to receive acknowledgment often from the people around us. However, while most men barely express admiration or praise to each other, Biggie reminds us that “complimenting a man doesn’t mean you’re attracted to them.” Now, if someone is rocking that dapper suit, looking suave in that velvet mule loafer and smells like a million dollars – you know just what do to. As an expression of kindness, compliments have a way of brightening someone’s day. We hope you’ll be one to express admiration hereon because these small gestures have a way of affirming the people around you.

Let it flow 

Do not be afraid to cry! Biggie says “crying or expressing sadness does not make you weak. It makes you a human being.” Crying can be therapeutic; a relief of sorts for those pent-up emotions. It’s okay to let it flow and just cry it out.  

Empathy is king

We know empathy as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another – and in this lesson, Biggie went all out to teach us the basic concepts of empathy. After receiving his second Strike, Saga was asked by Big Brother during his Diary Session how he would have felt had he watched a video of Pere saying the things he (Saga) had said about him. In teaching Saga to empathise and correct his wrongs, we learned from this role reversal that sometimes not believing you didn’t wrong anybody does not always mean that you may not owe the next person an apology. 

We could go on about all the pearls of wisdom Biggie gave us, but what’s important now is knowing that wisdom is not just cool expressions, but knowing when to apply the knowledge for the correct purpose. As we bid you farewell from the Diary Room, we hope Biggie's advice will stay close to your heart and will guide you whenever you feel down, or when you just want a reminder to keep you grounded.😉