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Live Show 3 - 8 Aug: The Wildcards revealed! – BBNaija

01 August 2021
On the second Sunday of the Shine Ya Eye Season, the Housemates missed their opportunity to get rid of the two Wildcards.
Live Show 2 Cover

The show started off with both a bang and Ebuka looking resplendent in his outfit designed by Deco.  The big story of the night was always going to be the announcement of the Wildcards.  By this time, however, the audience was in the know – they’d already been let in on the secret of who they were – Maria and Pere.

Leading up to the live show, this evening, the Housemates had been called into the Diary Room to name their Wildcard suspects, and – except for Whitemoney – nobody came anywhere close, so it was clear that they were going to be safe.  This meant that everybody was glued to their screens not to see the announcement, but rather the looks on the other Housemates’ faces when Ebuka revealed the truth.

Before getting to that, Ebuka took the audience through a recap of the week that was, including the first Head of House game, the challenge that made Peace the first to get exclusive access to the luxurious quarters, an honour she chose to share with Yousef as her Deputy Head of House. Ebuka asked her – during his first cross into the House – why she picked him as her Deputy, and she responded with a very reasonable, “because he respects me, and I respect him.”

Ebuka also took us through a recap of the first Diary Room session of the season, which was full of the new Housemates gushing about their happing at being in the House, at last.  They also expressed their total confusion about who the Wildcards might be, which was something of a hint as to how their voting might go.

It was at this point that Peace was asked to report to the Diary Room to submit her vote, totally unaware that it was nothing more than a formality. Even if it weren’t, it wouldn’t have mattered – she got them wrong, picking Beatrice and Jaypaul, in line with most of the other Housemates. We’re not sure if having company makes up for getting it wrong.  Probably not.

Then came the time for the big announcement. Big Brother asked Jaypaul and Liquorose to stand, since they received the most votes from their fellow Housemates. Luckily for them, and less lucky for the rest of the Housemates who voted for them, they were not the Wildcards.  Of course, Maria and Pere – as the real Wildcards – would be breathing a huge sigh of relief, knowing that they were safe, and in the running for the big prize.

In typical Big Brother fashion, the show decided to keep the Housemates hanging, while the live show took us through a recap of the first issuance of Abeg Naira – the currency to be used in the House.  It also took as through the moments that seemed to suggest that there were some budding relationships of the romantic persuasion blossoming in the House, which is always fun to see, but we just wanted to get back to the Housemates so that we could see their shock and disappointment at getting the vote wrong.  Does that make us bad people?

Luckily – thankfully – Ebuka then announced that our and the Housemates’ suspense would be put to an end.  He spoke to the Housemates directly, reminding them of the rules.  Then he asked the actual Wildcards to stand – and they took their time doing so.

Just what we thought: mouths agape.  Followed by applause, and congratulations of playing the game so well. Ebuka admitted to having to be manipulative and apologised to his fellow Housemates for that.

Arin thought that the whole task was a long shot and wasn’t surprised that they couldn’t get it.  Ebuka shared a laugh with Saga, who had actually approached the two real Wildcards to discusses who he thought the Wildcards were, which is funny, from a certain point of view – probably not Saga’s, though.

Of course, Maria and Pere are now normal Housemates, and are eligible to be nominated for eviction in the Monday night show.  We wonder if they might be among the first on the chopping block?

Ebuka left the Housemates with a bit of good advice: focus on the game.  That’s why the season is called Shine Ya Eye, after all.  Let’s see how well they take that advice to heart.