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32: The Nomination tea – BBNaija

25 August 2021
The nominations have come and gone but we are definitely interested in getting the tea behind their nominations. Sip with care
Big Brother Naija S6

The Nomination process in Biggie’s House is usually one filled with a lot of emotions and tactical maneuvers. When Housemates explain the reason behind their Nominations, we eagerly bring out our tea cups. Who doesn’t want to hear all about that juicy drama?

Whether it was caused by a fight, a lover’s spat, or just a random pick, the drama behind the nominations never gets old.

In their Diary session with Biggie today, the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng revealed all the tea on their Nomination choices. So buckle up for this juicy ride.

Reasons for their nominations

Whitemoney in his session claimed he Nominated Pere because he was too comfortable, while he Nominated Peace randomly.

Tega says she Nominated Saga because it will be interesting to see the Saga/Nini ship split. As for Peace, she Nominated her because she had not been up before and she wanted her to feel the heat.

Boma says he Nominated Pere because he refused to apologise to Whitemoney for what he did, while he Nominated JMK because she had said on different occasions that she did not want to be in the House.

Angel in her Diary Session claimed she Nominated Queen because they weren’t close and she was beefing her because of Boma. As for Michael, she claims she Nominated him because they are not close emotionally.

Saga in his Diary Session with Biggie claimed he Nominated Sammie and Queen because they are the least strongest to be in the pool with him.

Peace in her Diary Session claimed she put up Queen because of the altercation she had with her. Emmanuel was also not a random choice because she knew he would be saved by Liquorose using her Veto Power.

Yousef Nominated Jaypaul and Queen. He was also very clear when he spilled the tea about why he Nominated them. While giving Biggie the full gist he claimed Jaypaul always tried to outsmart people and cut them before they blossom. As for Queen, he claimed to put her up because she was not a team player and often let her emotions lead her.

Jaypaul Nominated Maria and Pere because he feels they are dangerous and they try too hard.

Jackie B Nominated Pere and Angel because she considers Pere as an instigator while Angel was malicious after taking her sneakers and hiding them.

Mike was the next Housemate to tell us who he Nominated and why he did so. He Nominated Angel because she fails to act as a collective and wonders if she really wants to be in the House. He also Nominated JMK for the same reason but he noticed she seems to have turned a new leaf since she thought she was going to leave on Sunday.

Nini in her session claimed she put up JMK because they do not have any vibe with each other. While she put up Sammie because he had never being up before.

Finally HoH Liquorose claimed in her Diary Sessions that she nominated Cross because he was a strong Housemate and Peace because she knew she would bounce right back.

So is it safe to say Liquorose had already hatched a plan about how to use her Veto Power before Nominations? Remember she had saved Peace and replaced her with Cross right after the nominations for possible evictions was announced.

Whew! What a theory.

Whatever their reasons are, we sure do love the drama that comes with Nominations and definitely want more.


CrossJMKMariaPereQueen, and Sammie  have been Nominated for Eviction this Sunday . You can  VOTE  to Save your favourite Housemate via the Africa Magic website  HERE  and the  Africa Magic mobile site  by selecting contestants of your choice and entering your number of votes and click  VOTE. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user.  You can also download the  MyGOtv  and  MyDStv  Apps for additional  Votes.  Votes  are free and  Votes  are allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 9pm on Thursday, August 26, 2021.