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Day 24: Midnight Curveballs

21 February 2018
The Housemates cook up conversations about each other.
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The babies in the House got the Housemates bringing their parental skills to life. Biggie made sure they enjoyed the bittersweet midnight pleasures of having children. When the babies cried, the Housemates had no choice be to tend to them in the wee hours of the morning. However, that seemed to come naturally to the Housemates as none of them resisted attending to the babies’ needs.

Curve balls thrown

Soon as the babies settled and went back to sleep, Cee-C, Tobi and Angel weren’t about going to bed anytime soon. They enjoyed a friendly chat amongst fellow Housemates. As interesting as it was, one couldn’t help but notice that there wasn’t any eye contact between Tobi and Cee-C.

Eventually when they did to seem to be happily engaging, the curve balls thrown by Tobi and Angel got Cee-C to somehow change her conversational strategy.

At some point Tobi pointed out that he wouldn’t associate himself with a woman that he thinks is a liability intellectually, financially and otherwise.

Eating Humble Pie

It is pretty clear that had Angel was not part of the actual conversation, Cee-C would have loved to have a one on one with Tobi who has now made it clear that the distance between them is more visible than ever. She decided to change the chat and focus it on a man she says is her ‘friend’ on the outside, Dee-Dee.

Hoping that it would make Tobi envious, but it didn’t. Instead he encouraged her to pursue things with him [Dee-Dee] as it’s clear that the guy is into her.

The humble Cee-C went to sleep without being able to chat toTobi alone. However, she did ask for a massage today, we’ll see if she gets one or not.

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