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Day 21: The Week That Was

18 February 2018
Reflections on the week that brought more drama that than all the village housewives put together.

Ahneeka's Greatest Hits

As per usual, this week was nothing short drama. Ahneeka seemed to have gained her very own hit status considering how persistent Angel had been in his display of affection. No later did Rico Swavey, prompted by the fact that other pairs have a certain level of intimacy, hope Ahneeka would run along with his 'let's fondle' idea. Little did he know that the cookie jar was sealed and the key thrown out. Lolu’s secret Task was sill underway and he seemed to be having some success with Vandora and maybe a pinch with Ahneeka.

No Eviction, No Stress 

The relief from finding out that there was infact no Eviction brought an air of renewed confidence that seemed to have a life span shorter than that of a match stick.  The fact that the men were dully disqualified from taking part in the HoH qualifiers due to their blatant disregard for the rules further salted the wound as many had their eyes fiercely fixed on the throne that brought immunity along with it; which was eventually bagged by Khoe. Her reign was met with a lot of occult boos and a certain level of resistance. However, this reign although accompanied by its fair share of quarrels, proved to be effective as they managed to bag their Wager for the first time. Kudos to them. 

It's Still a Race

The real Nominations made the Housemates realise that they couldn’t dodge the Eviction bullet any longer and this brought about an air of discomfort and a little scheming amongst the Housemates. Biggie then dropped a bomb on an already compromised field when he announced that all the pairs would be up for possible Eviction. The queen did however lighten the burden for team LeoLex as they were handed immunity on a silver platter.

Bonded, Love Up and At a Loss

To celebrate the week of love and possibly promote the emotion amongst the Housemates, Biggie had them all bonded to persons either than their original pairs. This resulted in an unusual friendship between Cee-C and Lolu that saw an array of confessions never heard before and a disagreement that lead to the awarding of a double Strike that further compromised their strategic positions. There was yet another set of rules that were broken during their newly paired mingles that resulted in a rather 'wet' punishment courtesy of Big Brother.

Valentines day came along and lifted away the dark cloud that hung over the House. The men took over the kitchen, delivering mouth-watering noddle dishes and added to that by serenading the ladies with sweet little nothings. These seem to have had the desired effect as Tobi and Cee-C had their very first kiss. Goodbye to curves and resistance. However, never mentioned before details about external romantic relationships in the Diary Room were the highlight of this auspicious occasion.

The Housemates were treated to another 'Loss buffet' as they colectively failed to complete the puzzle relay during the Friday night games. This increased the amount of pressure and the party was not as highly anticipated as it should have been as the Hosemates realised just how much closer they were to losing some of their own. 

Like in the real world, reality cannot be dodged or escaped, it simply always has its way. The weeks to follow will be the Housemate's heaviest yet as they would have experienced the very first Evictions and would inevitably have to anticipate that of their own. Stakes have been risen and so will claws be sharpened and backs stabbed but the question is, will the Housemates finally get their big strategic guns out and aim purposefully?  

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