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Bisola, a whole mood

05 March 2019
We're running through previous BBNaija highlights and to add a ripe cherry on top, bring you Ex housemate gist.
Bisola cover

A jewel that slowly but effectively made its way out of the rough, Bisola Aeyeola continues to sell her market in the most versatile of ways and we’re totally here for it. While her peers would do well with just a portion of her success, the accolades just keep tallying up.

We all experienced the ripple effect that led to our fave’s beautiful reality and judging by the velocity at which big-ticket projects are piling up, there’s no telling what she might pull out of her bottomless talent calabash. The 2017 edition of BBNaija wasn’t the only stepping stone she used to rise above industry exerted pressure, but it sure played the role of catalyst on steroids. 

Well aware of the deeply infected wounds inflicted by socio-economic challenges that run deeper than a single state can conceive, Bisola's uses her One.org Girl child ambassadorship as a platform to drive change and awareness. This initiative seeks to balance the off-scale boy/girl literacy equation and foster inclusion; an initiative we're all so proud of. 

Between cracking our ribs open with unintentional ‘accent play’ skits on the gram to calming our internal storms with her sweet symphonies, Bisola juggles motherhood and a successful big screen hustle… Not to mention rubbing shoulders with our faves’ faves – e be job too abi. Where do we deliver our resume abeg?!

There’s nothing better than having your reality perfectly echo your dreams and being celebrated for being a pure, uncensored and unedited version of yourself. Leyla’s mama is an entire mood and should be part of the jamb curriculum if you ask us. Applauds and loud kudos to you mama. Can yall feel the heavy winds of BBNaija Nostalgia while watching See Gobbe highlights? Yep, us too!

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