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Best Actor in Drama: Alpha males compete – AMVCA 7

05 March 2020
All the Nominees for AMVCA 7 Best Actor in Drama are talented thespians who each breathed life into their respective roles. The bonus? They could all totally be your Man Crush Every day.
Best Actor in Drama

Swanky JKA, Timini Egbuson, Efa Iwara, Gabriel Afolayan, and Ramsey Noah are all nominated for Best Actor in Drama in the seventh edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, an Amstel Malta sponsored category. They all poured their hearts into their roles, so much so, that we are left confused as to who deserves to clinch the award. What a relief that it's up to the people to decide!

Swanky JKA's swankiest role to date

Jide Kene Achufusi aka Swanky JKA stars as Nnamdi Okeke in the six times AMVCA 7 nominated movie, 'Living in Bondage'. This is probably Swanky JKA’s biggest role yet and he delivered it with the mastery and prowess of an actor who has his sights on bigger things to come. He’s not new to the AMVCA scene Swanky JKA. An Igbo movie he starred in was nominated in Best Indigenous Film in the last edition of the prestigious Pan-African film awards but he did not win.

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Living in bondage

Does he, for you deserve to walk away with it this time? You can still vote for him here.

A talented Timini

Starring fellow AMVCA 7 Nominee Toyin Abraham in ‘Elevator Baby’, Timini Egbuson is Dare the rich, bad-tempered bad boy you’ll love to hate. Abraham is a heavily pregnant Abigail Kuforiji who gets stuck in an elevator with Dare. What unfolds in the almost two-hour plot is a precarious situation where Kuforiji goes into labour and Dare has to help her deliver the baby. In the process, the two deliver what will probably go down as one of the most notable performances of their careers.

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Elevator Baby

Do you agree that Egbuson holds his own next to the incomparable Abraham, who was in reality actually pregnant? You can still vote for him here.

The infallible Efa

Efa Iwara’s chosen roles have all been very fitting for him. We’ve seen him as Banjo in ‘The Sessions’, Epe in Africa Magic’s ‘Ajoche’ and as Uyi in ‘Put a ring on it’ amongst others. He immerses himself in each role and in the process delivers memorable performances. In ‘Seven’, he is rich and irresponsible Kolade who is given the unthinkable task to survive seven days in Ajegunle or lose his inheritance. There he goes through events that will either make or break him.

Do you feel that it's about time he walks away with an accolade that acknowledges his work thus far? Then vote for him here.

A very sane Gabriel Afolayan

Afolayan currently stars in a hilarious ad that depicts modern relationships and how couples deal with trust and each other’s phones. We dare say that there are few men who in real life would do what he does in that advert: give his woman his password and even ask her to read out loud his messages!

But that’s not what the decorated actor has been nominated for. In ‘Coming From Insanity’ Afolayan is Kosi, a borderline genius who had to make ends meet as house help from when he was 12 years old. He works with the Martins, an upper-middle-class family, for many years until he makes it out by starting up a successful but extremely dodgy business.

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Coming from Insanity

Afoloayan goes on to give a powerful and layered performance that grabs the audience from beginning to end. Were you one of the people who were impressed? Then vote for him as your Best Actor in a Drama here.

A riveting Ramsey

What else is there to say about the aging fine like wine and highly successful Ramsey Nouah? The man has made his mark in Nollywood and his four nominations are a testament to that! He has done what probably all his fellow nominees in this category will still love to do with their careers both in front of and behind the camera. In ‘Levi’ he’s a successful, career-driven man who postpones marriage for work. He later finds himself with symptoms of a medical condition that could be fatal. Fearing the worst, he makes a quick decision to find and marry his childhood crush, Somi and then make a family before he dies. However, Somi is already married and this might be Levi's first failure as he's never failed at anything.

1583392882 25 levi

Is Ramsey Nouah your guy for the win? Then you should vote for him here.

The seventh edition of the AMVCAs are brought to viewers across the continent by Africa Magic in association with MultiChoice and proudly sponsored by Amstel Malta. Join the conversation using the hashtag #AMVCA7 and follow @africamagictv for live updates. You can also check out the full list of Nominees and vote.

*Images from Instagram accounts of  @iamjidekene, @_timini, @iamEFAiwara, @gabbylucciii and @ramseynouah.