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  1. Why didn’t the AMVCAs hold in 2021?

Following the seventh edition in 2020, plans for the next instalment were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant concerns on the health and safety of all stakeholders. The highly anticipated eighth edition of the AMVCAs is set to hold in 2022, and viewers can expect the same stellar production values the show is renowned for.


  1. Has the long break not affected the eligibility window for filmmakers to submit their content?

No. On the contrary, the window is much wider, and all films, made-for-television movies or television series are eligible for entry to the AMVCAs if they are broadcast or publicly screened or exhibited during the period 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2021. This means the eligibility window is now 24 months, which means a much wider array of film titles can enter.


  1. How many categories are there for the Eighth AMVCAs?

There is now a total of 33 categories, with 12 categories open to public voting and 21 categories decided by the AMVCA panel of judges.


  1. Is there a new category this year?

Yes. The Best Online Social Content Creator category is new and open to public voting. This category will consider short form content created for and exhibited on social media platforms. The category was created in recognition and acceptance of the growing popularity and quality of social media content across the continent.


  1. How can participants enter the AMVCAs?
    1. Prepare a 5-minute-long showreel for your online submission
    2. Log on to the Africa Magic website: www.africamagic.dstv.com. Click on the AMVCA eighth edition banner which will take you to a submissions page.
    3. Fill out the submission forms and upload the clip. A unique reference number will be allocated to each completed online submission
    4. Please ensure the video edit represents the category of entry and is under 300MB


  1. Will my old unique reference number work?

No. If you submitted your work at www.africamagic.dstv.com last year, you will be required to start the process again and be provided a fresh unique reference number


  1. Can an entry be disqualified?

Yes, an entry can be disqualified if it does follow the stated guidelines.


  1. Can a participant send in multiple entries?        

Yes, a participant can send in as many entries as possible so long as it falls under the stipulated timeframe.


  1. Can participants enter with a hard drive?

Quoting your unique reference number, send a hard drive of the submitted project to one of the following, based on your region:           



Busola Komolafe

Africa Magic

4 Industrial Street, Ilupeju


South Africa

Sibongile Mabel Nkosi

Magic Center

137 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg, 2123



Margaret Mathore

2nd floor, MNET offices

Local Production Studio

Jamhuri Grounds off Ngong road


  1. Where and when will the Eighth AMVCAs hold?

The Eighth AMVCAs will hold in Lagos, Nigeria in 2022. More information will be shared in due course.


  1. Where can we find out more information about the AMVCAs, including the guidelines?

You can find out more about the AMVCAs by visiting www.africamagic.tv/amvca and following Africa Magic on Facebook and  Instagram