A spy and a plot – Venge Image : 15314
Raoul is dead - Dilemma Image : 15313
Raoul is dead - DilemmaAn altercation results in Raoul getting knocked out after being shoved by Yolaine who tried to save her friend Salma from being strangled. Raoul later wakes to see Silk who was only too eager to break his neck.
The funeral ceremony – Venge Image : 15306
The funeral ceremony – VengeMama K defies all odds to bury her daughter while Bibi gets in a tussle with Yemi over her plans to get revenge.
Kaineto gets arrested - Dilemma Image : 15307
Kaineto gets arrested - DilemmaIn a bid to leave the business, Kaineto negotiates with Lady T, but a revelation of shady operations gets her arrested.
First-time fathers - AM Exclusive Image : 15310
First-time fathers - AM ExclusiveIn celebration of Father's Day, Ibrahim Suleiman Edward, Pam Fom, Ayo Lijadu, Whochey Nnadi and Charles Ujomu talk about the day they found out they were going to be a father for the first time and the task that comes with it.
What does being a father mean? - AM Exclusive Image : 15309
What does being a father mean? - AM ExclusiveEdward Pam Fom, Whochey Nnadi, Ibrahim Suleiman, Ayo Lijadu and Charles Ujomu share their favourite experiences as fathers and what these beautiful memories mean to them in celebration of Father's Day.
Tying loose ends – Venge Image : 15297
Tying loose ends – VengeTimi confronts Kamara over the death of Angela, while Williams silences Aunty Belema once and for all.
A strange proposal – Dilemma Image : 15296
A strange proposal – DilemmaWhile Kanan and Kaineto's relationship remains tense, Zayn is proposing marriage to Lady T to swing votes in his favour.
The ugly side of an open relationship – Tinsel Image : 15286
The ugly side of an open relationship – TinselVicky is an emotional wreck as the gravity of what it means to have an open relationship stares at her right in the face.
A deal and concerns – Eve Image : 15284
A deal and concerns – EveAdelomo makes a precarious deal with the Governor. Muna and Mide are concerned about losing their jobs. Peter meets with the grieving families to discuss creating a class action suit.
William murders Angela – Venge Image : 15272
William murders Angela – VengeAfter an endless search, William finally finds Angela and exacts his revenge by shooting her in cold blood.
The hit on John – Dilemma Image : 15271
The hit on John – DilemmaAn intense gun battle with hitmen sees Assistant Inspector General, John Kodjovi paying the ultimate price.
Negative press and deceit – Tinsel Image : 15275
Negative press and deceit – TinselWhile a documentary gets pulled due to the negative reviews, Toyosi puts her plan into play to sabotage a relationship.
The grave case – Eve Image : 15267
The grave case – EveEzinne has decided to represent the school responsible for the death of some pupils, something that isn't sitting well with the rest of the firm, and she will also face Peter in court.
The faceoff – Venge Image : 15264
The faceoff – VengeIn his zeal to save Aisha, William has set off a confrontation with Chief Owolabi, while Allison finds herself caught up in Mama K's trap.
The Waziris are going legit – Dilemma Image : 15261
The Waziris are going legit – DilemmaAs a result of the discovery of illegal immigrants working in the mines, the Waziris have decided to pull out of the business.
Guilt weighs heavy – Eve Image : 15254
Guilt weighs heavy – EveAs Adelomo struggles with Toyole’s attempted suicide, Apata is vehemently opposed to Cornelius joining Centrico.
Mama K is out – Venge Image : 15236
Mama K is out – VengeMama K regains her freedom while Timi realises Kamara was ready to throw him under the bus.
Mothers' drama – Dilemma Image : 15235
Mothers' drama – DilemmaWhile Zayn has his hands full with his overbearing mother bent on sabotaging all he is working for, Goldie has refused to see her mum despite her pleas.
Chuk's the pimp – Tinsel Image : 15238
Chuk's the pimp – TinselChuks, who has a heavy debt burden over his head, considers pimping Bridget out to get an extension on his loan.
Stormy seas – Eve Image : 15194
Stormy seas – EveWith law enforcement on their heels, Centrico is beginning to buckle under the pressure as members are divided against one another.
Cuffs and a hit – Venge Image : 15187
Cuffs and a hit – VengeAllison has decided to do the right thing by arresting Bibi, and Yemi foils an attempt on his life.
The heat is on – Dilemma Image : 15184
The heat is on – DilemmaAs the police search Lady T's club, under orders to arrest her if they find anything incriminating, Aaliyah is surprised that her daughter might have taken sides with her dad.
Search for Jude – Tinsel Image : 15189
Search for Jude – TinselJude's whereabouts remain a cause for concern even though Tochi says he is fine.
A spy and a plot – Venge