The moments that got you talking!

04 July 2017
The villagers of Aji where buzzing on Twitter last night. Here's why

For a moment things had returned to normal but once again, drama is brewing in Aji. You'd think after the utter chaos that unravelled during the riots that our favourite trouble makers would change their ways. Instead the scheming, deceipt and fighting are more common place than ever. We're not complaining though! It certainly makes for some thrilling viewing and we know a lot of you agree. Case in point

When the boy and his soccer ball followed Oviyon to Lagos

The spirit of the little boy that drowned in the lake just won't let Oviyon be! What could he have possibly done differently?

When Iya had the nerve to slap Peace for letting Oviyon leave 

It's bad enough that she hit her but did she really have to call Peace a "useless girl" who was disposed of "like dirty water" by her own mother? Iya Oviyon is beyond wicked!

When Kingsley begged Senami for a little "physical therapy" 

The heat was on from the moment he walked in on an unsuspecting Senami who was busy getting into her squats! She wasn't keen though. Lingering feelings for Oviyon getting in the way perhaps?

And of course, is this the end of Viynami?

Senami told him she was "done" and in a rather surprising twist he responded, "join the club!". Yikes! We think this ship has sunk guys. 

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