The fashion movement

14 August 2018
Now more than ever, fashion is at the forefront of social change and unit of self expression.
Andrea Iyamah

Like her peers, Andrea Iyamah has found her bubble in the ‘fashion society’ and from it, continues to create patterns that besides telling stories (for the ‘deep’), accentuate women’s most striking features. Aligning with old tales, Andrea's eye for fashion and sight for flare was pruned by her fashionable mother who according to yours truly, had the most amazing pieces in her closet.

Her very unique use of fabric is a tell-all-tale of art that incorporates the old and the new. From bridal all the way down to swim wear, Andrea Iyamah pieces ooze timelessness, class and comfort.

We’ve got to carve it in stone and hand it to fashionistas of the past; they most certainly paved the way for a fashion revolution so wide, we couldn’t contain it even if we tried.
From bell bottomed, figure hugging, floor sweeping palazzo pants to cosset-styled, bust lifting, wider than life dresses; our forefathers needed absolutely no excuse to dress up and show up. Looking at the style path Andrea chose, one can tell that she seeks to have a similar infuence. 

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Silhouettes, colour scheming and patterning have 'gone under the knife’ and forged a face lift, turning the simple use of clothing into symbols of social coherence and rebellion against constituted ‘status quos’. We have the ‘happy to be tossed in the direction of the wind’    hippies, the ‘black is misunderstood’ eerie and the ‘I just wanna be seen’ self-acclaimed style influencers.

From humble blog and small-scale fashion project beginnings to international recognition on both design-pattern and quality levels, the Andrea Iyamah brand needs no ‘tin noise’ introduction; the beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Here’s to more effective fashion revolutions that more than anything, are a movement of empowerment. Missed this week's episode of #AM53Extra, check out the video below. 

Image credits:
Cover - Andrea's intagram 
Vintage image - Getty images

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