Sweet Ghanian coco – 53 Extra

06 April 2020
It's Monday, another season for celebrating our Man Crush Monday Africa Magic stars and what better way to start off the week than with our very own Mawuli Gavor?
Mawuli Gavor

Man Crush Monday is back with full effect this week and for those that don’t know, it means trading our Monday blues for sweet old appreciation for the men that make our worlds go round and about. If you haven’t already made up your MCM catalog for this week, here’s why this ever dripping hot piece of Ghanian chocolate should top your list.

Five fun facts about Mawuli Gavor:

  • He started a modeling career in New York at the age of nineteen, while pursuing a degree in Finance Management in the U.S.A.
  • He graduated with a degree in Business Management and Finance from Pennsylvania, beginning his professional career as an accountant before steering his career ship towards the entertainment oceans.
  • Mawuli is not only a good looking hottie, but he is also an actor, accountant, producer, TV presenter and a celebrity ambassador to many brands in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • He has starred in a lot of movies and series which include (but not limited to) Hush, Devil in Details, View Republic, Rumour Has It and the likes.
  • And of course, ladies love his 6’2 inch model build and who wouldn’t, seeing that this proud member of the Sweet Boys’ Association doesn’t seem to mind showing off his hot body on Instagram.

Feed your eyes biko… You are welcome! 

Feel free to share why Mawuli Gavor is your MCM this week and let us know on our social media pages using the tag #AM53Extra. Later alligators! 
Cover pic: Mawuli's IG

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