Making relationships work - Off Air With Gbemi and Toolz

27 November 2022
The ladies take a deep dive into the inner workings of relationships.
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If you’ve been or are in a relationship, you know there’s more to it than the PDA, the fancy dates, and the romantic getaways. Relationships are a big deal and it takes a whole lot of commitment from the parties involved. We take a deep dive into the inner workings of relationships with Gbemi and Toolz. From family planning to infertility issues and dicey relationship topics, the ladies continue to show us that much work is required to make a relationship work.

For instance, who should the weight of contraceptives fall on? Why should the woman be made to bear the brunt of side-effects, when there are also options for the man. One particularly “controversial” option that came up in conversation recently was vasectomy.

Oh! You scared?

Yes, indeed! A random survey among the guys in the studio conducted by Gbemi and Toolz confirmed this! Turns out a lot of the fear came from misinformation. Some men were worried about what becomes of their libido, while others feared it would be a wrap on having kids forever and ever. Thank goodness the ladies were able to clear up some of the misinformation and explained why vasectomy is a viable option when it comes to family planning.

Watch Gbemi and Toolz shed light on vasectomy

Infertility: Not just her problem!

It's quite common in African households for one party in the relationship to get all the blame when attempts at conception don't yield any fruit – and it isn't the man. In some instances, the man might be looking for a male heir and ends up only having girls, then proceeds to place the blame squarely on the wife. Toolz and Gbemi took it upon themselves to educate the public on the issues of infertility – and why both parties in the relationship can be affected. It has become easy to blame the woman, but there are several instances where men need a further look from a medical professional. Watch Gbemi share a story about someone in a similar situation, who went on to find out it was him all along.

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Open or nah?

On some days, relationships can be a lot of hard work. If you haven't experienced it first-hand, you've seen it play out repeatedly on shows like BBNaija and some of our favourite Africa Magic dramas. The chaotic scenes have prompted people to seek ways to keep the relationship going, or just to spice it up to make the love wax stronger. One of those relationship options, is keeping it “open”. Yes – an open relationship! Not everyone is a fan of this though, and that's why Gbemi and Tools threw the question out there.

This time, they added a little twist to it. A billionaire? 🤔 Shoot, sign us up! We've always loved an open-door policy. 😂

What remains true though if you've been on these dating streets, is that you will find out people’s relationships are as open as a shopping mall on Christmas Eve, although they may not formally announce it.

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