Highlites with IK: Switching things up

30 October 2015
It's an absolutely crazy episode of Highlites with IK this weekend as IK and Sose switch personalities and hilarity ensues!
Highlites with IK: Switching things up

No one does weekend entertainment like IK!

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if things were different? For example; if women did the chasing and the men played hard to get. Wouldn’t that be fun?

On this weekend's episode of Highlites With IK, things get a bit weird when we discover after a little earth shaking, that IK and Sose’s personalities had been switched and everything else had been changed too. We see strange things like girls doing the chasing, chest bumping females, pregnant men and a whole lot more!

Don't miss this crazy and fun filled episode of Highlites with IK at 21:15CAT on Africa Magic Showcase, DStv ch151.

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