Day 26: Get ready to party!

17 February 2017
Housemates have to make own decorations.
decorations 1

It is up to the Housemates to ensure they look good for Saturday's party.

Biggie asked them to creatively accessorize the party room, using denim fabrics, scissors, needles, thread and containers. The theme for tomorrow's party is "Denim".

While they were busy with the decorations, the Housemates decided to play games called “Who Killed King John?” and "Chinese Whisper". However, Biggie was not impressed, as whispering is against the House rules and he informed them that they would receive a befitting “reward” for their actions. “Ese, please tell Big Brother that we are sorry,” shouted Kemen, while the other Housemates begged Biggie for forgiveness.

Biggie's ninja's hid six containers around the House werehid by Biggie's and the Housemates had to find these containers and use them to spice up the decorations that they had already started. 

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Hip Hop dejaay, DJ Snypes will provide groovy sounds for the Housemates tomorrow night. Remember to watch DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29 to see all the party action.

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