Fejiro and Lamar's relationship hits a dramatic twist – Ricordi

28 February 2023
In a heartbreaking turn of events, Fejiro and Lamar's relationship takes a devastating blow as she reveals a shocking secret.
Fejiri and Lamar's drama

Fejiro and Lamar's relationship has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, and things only seem to be getting more intense. After a fight, the couple reconciles, but their happiness is short-lived when Fejiro suffers a miscarriage and learns she may not be able to have children.

Fejiro's world comes crashing down as she struggles to come to terms with her loss, and she becomes increasingly withdrawn, pushing Lamar away. As Lamar tries to be there for her, Fejiro lashes out and drops a bombshell – she had an affair and the baby may not even be Lamar's.

The revelation sends Lamar into a tailspin, questioning everything he thought he knew about their relationship. With emotions running high, the couple faces an uncertain future as they try to navigate the aftermath of Fejiro's confession.

Watch Fejiro drop the bombshell

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