Day 67: “I Just Wish I Can Beat Someone,” Mercy

05 September 2019
Team Arla Butter won the cooking show challenge but this news didn’t sit well with some members of the Pepper Dem Gang.

Following the announcement of team Arla Butter as the champions of the Arla cooking challenge, Mercy, Venita, Cindy, Elozonam and Mike each expressed their displeasure about the result.

Thoroughly Pained

“If I buy that kind of food from a restaurant, I won’t go back there again.” This was Mercy talking about the food that the Arla Butter team made. She was not alone in this as Venita couldn’t believe that despite all her team’s efforts, they were not picked as winners. Venita who was vexed shouted that, “they are mad," referring to the judges.

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Elozonam was also on the plane as he complained about everything the winning team did. He also said that Tacha was a horrible loser. Wow, we didn’t see that coming. Their pain was also noted by tweet oracle who advised them in his tweet.

Karma Perhaps?

Mercy’s soreness about Khafi, Frodd, Tacha and Omashola’s team winning was noted but we couldn’t help but wonder if karma was at play here. Remember the last Dano challenge where Mercy flashed the zero card at Khafi’s team? Well, this tweep thinks fate had something to do about the situation.

Ignorance Is Bliss

While the other Housemates were talking about them, Tacha and her teammates were enjoying the feeling of being winners. They carried on with preparations for their Task oblivious of what the other teams felt about their victory. Well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

1567649602 34 screenshot 2019 09 05 at 2.52.31 am

With the Arla/Dano challenge out of the way, how ready are the teams for the Wager Task Presentation?

Source: Twitter - @TWEETORACLE, @O_obasa1

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