Day 66: Will they take the offer?

29 March 2017
Biggie gave the Housemates Five Missions and should they choose to complete them, there's a big reward in store for them.

 Biggie has prepared Five Big Missions for the Housemates to complete! If they do so successfully they'll get awarded 50 points and win some pretty amazing rewards for their efforts. That said, there's a catch. The Tasks aren't compulsory and if any or all of the Housemates feel like they can't go through with something then they are free to pull out or refuse to participate. Biggie made it clear that he will not punish them for doing so. TBoss immediately dreaded how gruelling the missions were going to be if Biggie was already giving them an option to tap out!

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Each of the five Missions was worth 10 points and depending on how well they did they'd recieve the following rewards for their total scores.

28 Points  - A special home cooked meal courtesy of Big Brother

33 Points - An expensive champagne

38 Points - Message form a loved one for all Housemates

43 Points - Right to vote to save one of the Nominated Housemates

50 Points - Full spa treatment for all Housemates in an exotic spa clinic

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Though still groggy from sleep, the Housemates were quite excited about the rewards with the exception of Efe who was worried about the Missions not being compulsory. Given that Debie-Rise and TBoss would be outnumbered in a vote to save someone from Eviction he figured they might sabotage things by not participating in the missions to make sure they couldn't get to the required 43 points. It remains to be seen if things pan out the way he fears.

What do you think Debie-Rise and TBoss will do?  

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