Day 55: Arena Games to the Head of House

19 March 2017
It would seem there is a strong correlation between the Friday night games and becoming the HoH.
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Efe was the first Housemate to win in the Arena at the Friday Night Games, and in that same week he was also crowned the Head of House. As things stand, it may seem that with those two singular acts may have set a precedent in the Big Brother House.

34 efe is king

Step up ThinTallTony. He entered the Arena Games with a new fervour that was unrivalled, as he won in the Arena blitzing through the challenges and this powered him to becoming Head of House. While he was HoH, we won the next Friday night games and went on to retain his title of HoH, two weeks in a row. 

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Gunning for a hat trick of wins in the Friday Night Games, a new contender stepped up to the plate and he muscled his way to being crowned the winner of the Friday Night Task knocking ThinTallTony off his pedestal. Powered by his win in the Friday Night Games, Bassey went on to become the next HoH. 

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Obong Bassey ruled the House with his own style of leadership and went into the last Friday Night Games hoping to retain his position of power. But it seemed a few of the other Housemates had a different plan. TBoss was the first Housemate to start through the obstacle course and she set a jaw dropping time of 1:44 seconds with the aim of being crowned the winner. However, ThinTallTony had other ideas and trumped her time by finishing the course at 1:43 seconds to be crowned the winner of the Friday Night Games.

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Now, if we follow the rule of thumb, does that mean that ThinTallTony would become the new Head of House next week? Let’s not forget that ThinTallTony is also up for possible Eviction at the next Live Evictions Show. With all these situations stacking up this weekend, how will it impact the status quo? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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