Day 26: Frodd’s Love Revenge?

26 July 2019
What happens when the one you love betrays you?

In so many ways, Frodd has been let down in his rollercoaster situationship with Esther. Or is it even a type of ship?

His love triangle with Esther and Nelson is no news to the House and in turn, Esther has not failed to throw his affection back at his face.

Following their back to school Task Presentation, Esther and Frodd were seen having a mini argument about who left Frodd’s art portrait of Esther. In his words, he kept their portraits together in preparation for the Task but Esther only chose to pick up hers. Was she trying to sabotage me? He thought loudly as he narrated the ordeal to Ike later that night.

After their Wager win, Frodd told Ike and Gedoni that now that he knows what she wants, he’s trying to stay away from her. As he stated his confusion as to her reason for playing himself and Nelson, he told Ike and Gedoni that he wouldn’t mind telling her to steer clear away from him.

According to Frodd, anytime he makes an attempt to stay distant, she always tries to find her way back – which has been evident in their recent cooking time together.

In response, Gedoni advised him to call a meeting with the involved parties and lay down his true feelings in order to sort out the situation at hand.

However, Ike wasn’t buying any of Gedoni’s advice as he sternly told Frodd to keep playing the game. In his words, “Gedoni’s words are too mature for this game, I’ll help you plan an act of revenge instead”. Do we sense a love payback?

After their love revenge talk, Ike and Frodd sealed the night with prayers and goodnight wishes. Bromance goals, we reckon.

Could this be the final wrecking ball thrown at this possible ship? What will be the event of things following Ike’s advice to Frodd?

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