Day 10: Finally Falling

02 February 2017
Perhaps it's the fear of losing him this Sunday but Tboss is finally admitting she liked Miyonse.

For a while it looked like Miyonse was never going to get in Tboss' good books. Everything he did annoyed her and she barely tolerated his advances. That all changed today (Day 10) when she confessed in her Diary Session that she not only liked Miyonse but regretted nominating him too though she still found him annoying at times. She even went one step further, begging the public to vote for him so he stays in the Big Brother Naija House.

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This was the culmination of what had been a long day of frank and honest conversations between the two. Tboss had earlier voiced her frustration with Miyonse for being cold and unwelcoming when she was acting silly to cheer him up. She also confronted him about his flirtatious ways and in her Diary Session she went as far as calling Gifty a "side chick" who's just trying to be the main babe. If that's not an admission that she wanted it to work, then we don't know what is. However, the most shocking revelation was yet to come.

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For a long time now, Miyonse had nagged Tboss for a little intimacy with no luck. Predictably he was at it again after the heated, speed dating task. Tboss turned him down again but finally gave her reason, namely, the fact that Biggie (and everyone esle) was watching. She then looked him dead in the eyes and promised to "teach him a few things" once they were outside of the House. Miyonse blushed. Tboss also caved and promised that they could still cuddle in her bed every night.

Will this blossom into something more or will Sunday's eviciton bring all the back and forth to an ubrupt end? See what unfolds during the Live Evicition Show on Sunday from 19:00 WAT.

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