Blind Auditions Episode 4: The stakes are high!

10 July 2017
Talent have to “crank up” their performances a knot, as the Teams are filling up quickly.
Talent collage

It was another round of brilliant performances, as the fourth episode of The Voice Nigeria Blind Auditions aired on Sunday.

We’re over the halfway mark of the Blinds and the pressure is high! Talent have to put in extra effort in their performances to ensure they impress the Coaches, as the Teams are filling up quickly.

Classical Singer, Sandra Osamor stole the night with her rendition of the Nigerian National Anthem and got ALL FOUR CHAIRS turned! She, Nwando Okoli and Victor Thomson joined #TeamTimi. 

Another amazing highlight was Sharepa Makepeace, who sang Lady Gaga’s "Bad Romance". She and Glory Amanyi picked #TeamWaje, while Kessy Mbonu and Blessing Isaac joined #TeamPato. At the end of the night, #TeamYemi had Olawole Olusi join the ranks. 

At the end of the show, the Team standings were as follows:

#TeamPato:    Kessy Mbonu, Blessing Isaac

#TeamTimi:    Sandra Osamor, Nwando Okoli, Victor Thompson              

#TeamWaje:   Shapera Makepeace, Glory Amanyi            

#TeamYemi:   Oluwale Olusi             

The Coaches are filling up their Teams each week and with the Teams almost at full capacity at this stage, Talent have their work cut out for them, as they really have to put in extra effort to ensure they make it into a Team.

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