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Day 68 – 29 Sept: Which of the Top 6 sabi speak pidgin English pass? – BBNaija

29 September 2023
In the spirit of celebrating Nigeria, let's take a look at the origins of pidgin English and how well your faves speak the language.
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The Nigerian pidgin English is a creole-like language that eases communication among people of different ethnic backgrounds in Nigeria. It is a mixture of English, Nigerian languages, and other foreign languages such as Portuguese and French. Pidgin English has its own unique vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation that set it apart from standard English. This language has become widely spoken and is used in various aspects of daily life, including music, movies, and informal conversations. 

The All Stars, as expected, are quite conversant with pidgin and use it often when having conversations with each other. From hilarious banter to heartfelt expressions, their command of the language added an extra layer of authenticity to their interactions. Let's take a look at which of the Top 6 is best at dropping amazing gems in pidgin English.

Select your fave finalist pidgin speaker

Adekunle vs Cross

Cross dey speak better pidgin English and he fit hold conversation. 28%
Adekunle pidgin English dey on point, him sabi use am well.72%
Ceec vs Pere

Ceec pidgin dey always on point and she sabi use am well. 47%
Pere pidgin English na correct and him sabi use am well for communication.53%
Mercy Eke vs Ilebaye

Mercy Eke
Mercy Eke sabi speak pidgin English well, she dey drop correct pidgin grammar and expressions effortlessly. 41%
Ilebaye pidgin English na correct and fluent, she dey flow like water when she dey speak am. 59%

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