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Day 67: 28 Sept: Quiet in the house but loud outside in the final week – BBNaija

28 September 2023
The battle lines are drawn among the Baye Tribe, Islanders, Mercenaries, the Patriots and the Spartans.
Slow day

As the curtains begin to draw on yet another thrilling season of Big Brother Naija, the atmosphere inside the house might be getting quieter but the noise outside is only growing louder. With the finale just around the corner, fans of the top six are rallying harder than ever to ensure their favourite emerges victorious. 

Adekunle: The Islanders

Dressed in his Sunday best, Adekunle aka Bad Boy Dex exudes a calm and collected demeanour as he lounges around the house. His love for music keeps him entertained, even as the day seems to drag on. While Adekunle may appear unruffled, his fans, known as the Islanders, are anything but quiet. They are actively campaigning and rallying support online to ensure that their favourite clinches the title of the ultimate winner of Big Brother Naija All Stars.

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Ceec: The Spartans

Ceec may be catching up on sleep but her fans, the Spartans, are wide awake. While she recharges in the house, the Spartans are working tirelessly to secure votes and rally support for their beloved finalist. Ceec's resilience and charisma have won her a dedicated fanbase that's determined to see her emerge victorious on Sunday and beyond.

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Cross: Cross Nation

Cross da Boss, the final HoH of the All Stars, knows how to rock a tuxedo shirt and bow tie with style. He's been taking it easy with a morning snooze and some quality time in the garden with fellow housemates, notably Mercy Eke and Pere. While he enjoys his final days in the house in peace, Cross Nation is out in full force, using social media platforms to ensure that the Cross banner flies high on finale night.

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Ilebaye: The Baye Tribe

Ilebaye, the Gen Z Baddie, somehow garnered some energy, to everyone's surprise. Thanks to Biggie's Amapiano tunes, she found her voice in the late afternoon, engaging in conversations and even taking an interest in Pere's post-show travel plans. The Baye Tribe, her loyal fanbase, may be soft-spoken like their favourite finalist but they are diligently voting and showing their support.

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Mercy Eke: The Mercenaries

Known for her vivacious personality and sharp wit, Mercy Eke aka Lamborghini Mercy among the Mercenaries, has had a relatively slow day in the house, spending time in the garden and napping on the couch. However, the Mercenaries are on fire. They're on social media platforms, strategizing and voting tirelessly to ensure that the self-titled Queen of Highlights retains her crown as a Big Brother Naija winner, this time taking it all on All Stars.

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Pere: The Patriots

The General has garnered strong support from the Patriots fanbase. He's been seen wearing an eye-catching brown outfit and engaging in playful banter with Mercy Eke. His fans love their camaraderie and are rallying behind him with fervour, ensuring that their General marches on to victory, come Sunday.

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They are all awake and silently waiting for further instructions from Biggie on what to do next because, at this point, they have no idea what to do with themselves. 

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