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Day 65 – 26 Sept: Cross and Pere reach out to KimOprah in heartfelt letters – BBNaija

26 September 2023
Could this be a recipe for disaster going forward for their friendship, or are Cross and Pere too mature to let this be a wedge between them?
Letters to Kim

The All Stars house brought forth a wave of emotions as housemates penned heartfelt messages to their loved ones outside the walls of their temporary home. Among these touching exchanges, Cross and Pere took the opportunity to write emotional letters to their mothers and a mutual friend, KimOprah. While their messages were filled with love and nostalgia, they shed light on a complicated dynamic that has developed within the house.

Watch the messages from home: 

The love triangle 

Since the beginning of their journey on All Stars, Cross and Pere have been inseparable. However, the presence of KimOprah added an intriguing layer to their friendship. Fans often referred to the trio in the context of a love triangle. KimOprah seemed to oscillate between Cross and Pere, spending intimate moments with both. This dynamic led to questions about where her true affections lay. During her exit interviews, KimOprah was pressed to reveal her leanings, and she chose Cross. 

The emotional messages

In a task designed to evoke emotions, Cross and Pere decided to write heartfelt letters to KimOprah, a friend they had both known before entering the house. Pere's letter reflected the profound impact KimOprah had on him. He confessed that her eviction had taken pieces of him with her, and he looked forward to reconnecting so that they could both find restoration.

Cross, too, expressed the depth of his friendship with KimOprah. He reminisced about how he had supported her dreams four years ago, ensuring that she received the best opportunities. Cross even went as far as to describe how she made everyday activities like eating and lounging in bed feel magical and dreamy. He, too, eagerly anticipated their reunion outside the house.

What lies ahead?

The question that now looms large is: What lies ahead for this trio? Both Cross and Pere have expressed their strong desire to reconnect with KimOprah outside the house. KimOprah, on the other hand, may find herself in a challenging position. While she has expressed her preference for Cross, she might face the difficult decision of choosing between the two friends, or will she find a way to maintain her connection with both of them? 

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