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Day 64: 25 Sept: Cross makes final HoH and everyone gets messages from home – BBNaija

25 September 2023
Cross wins HoH once again, and Biggie goes on a mission to celebrate the six finalists.
Cross HoH 2nd time

Cross has proven himself to be the fastest Big Brother Naija All Stars finalist, securing his position as Head of House for the second time. The challenge that sealed his victory involved a test of speed and precision as the finalists raced against the clock to successfully get five balls into five holes on a disc, in the quickest time possible. 

While Cross has always been vocal about his prowess in games of speed, openly admitting that he struggled with puzzles, he seized this opportunity to showcase his agility and quick thinking. Although Cross did not win immunity, an insignificant detail in the grand scheme of things, his triumph in the final HoH game bestowed upon him the coveted bragging rights of leading the finalists to the finale. 

Messages from home 

In the early evening, the finalists were suspicious when Biggie summoned them into the lounge after the game. Confusion permeated the air as they wondered about the purpose of this abrupt meeting. Adekunle reminded everyone that the lounge is the epicentre of drama, strikes and evictions, prompting some to admit that they had avoided it.

Their family members, having watched the show on TV, had loving words to share with their beloved ones in Biggie's house:

Adekunle's mom said, "I am quite impressed and happy to have you as a son." Ceec's mom said, "We are not missing you to come home without the money o." Cross's mom said, "People may be surprised, but this is the hand of the Almighty God," adding how she is proud that he made it to the finals. Ilebaye's mother said, "Thank you for making your family proud."

Watch what other family members had to say: 

However, the mood took a sombre turn when Pere realised that his mother is not part of his video from home. His sister stepped in to represent the family, which left him a bit puzzled and worried about his mother at the same time. However, Mercy Eke assured him that all was well and that his mom could have possibly been in the room with his sister. His sister encouraged him to "keep being strong and focused as you have always been." 

These messages served as a poignant reminder for the housemates that they had achieved the remarkable feat of becoming finalists. To emphasise the significance of the occasion, Biggie revealed that they had one hour to prepare for their finale dinner, themed "white and gold." 

Biggie's surprise made for an unforgettable Monday evening, a stark departure from the usual routine in the Big Brother All Stars house.

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