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Day 52: 13 Sept: Ceec and Ilebaye's fallout over Doyin's kissed picture – BBNaija

13 September 2023
A heated dispute ensues between Ceec and Ilebaye over an erased kiss from evicted housemate Doyin's picture.
Ceec and Baye kiss fight

Who knew that a kiss and a picture could lead to some chaos in the All Stars house? The recent squabble between Ceec and Ilebaye over an incident involving evicted housemate Doyin's picture on the wall has left one wondering what the cause of the fallout is, and how it will affect the two going forward. 

The incident in question occurred when Ilebaye noticed that someone had removed the kiss she had placed on Doyin's picture, a cherished tradition among female housemates. It's worth mentioning that Ilebaye and Doyin's friendship had seen its fair share of ups and downs, and by the time Doyin's eviction rolled around, Ceec had become one of her closest allies.

The drama escalated before Ilebaye's heartfelt diary session, where she shed tears while speaking about her friendship with Doyin. In her emotional confession, Ilebaye expressed how touched she was that Doyin had left letters for Alex and Ceec but hadn't left anything for her. The discovery that her kiss had been removed from Doyin's picture prompted Ilebaye to address the matter vociferously in the house.

Ceec, however, was quick to defend herself. She asserted that she had removed the kiss and seemed unapologetic about it, responding with a curt, "So what?" This response triggered a heated confrontation between the two housemates, leaving one wondering if there was more to the story than met the eye.

Watch Ceec and Ilebaye argue over the kiss: 

In a candid conversation with Biggie, Doyin expressed her appreciation for Ceec's unwavering support during her time in the Big Brother house. She believed that Ceec had stood up for her when she needed it the most. However, one statement from Ceec during the altercation with Ilebaye raised eyebrows and deepened the mystery of their relationships. Ceec declared, "She has friends in the house, real friends," leaving an awkward pause in the room. 

This incident raises several questions. Could Ceec and Ilebaye be engaging in a subtle rivalry over their relationships with Doyin? Is Ceec's assertion that Doyin has "real friends" in the house indicative of a deeper conflict? What prompted Ilebaye to kiss Doyin's picture in the first place, especially considering the icy atmosphere between them before Doyin's eviction? And was this a way for Ceec to vent out her frustration over Doyin's supposed mismanagement of her foundation? Only time can tell. 

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