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Day 44 – 5 Sept: A look at Angel and Venita's tumultuous relationship – BBNaija

05 September 2023
Will Angel and Venita's sismance withstand turbulent times and strengthen their bond even further? 
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Angel and Venita seem to have grown closer in the All Stars house over the past few days. Their newly discovered closeness is quite unexpected considering they avoided each other the week prior, after Ebuka revealed what Angel had said about Adekunle being a "boy toy" when she was discussed Venita's dissatisfaction over her (Angel's) failure to nominate Adekunle for 'Pardon Me Please'.   

Angel and Venita's battle

One of their earliest fights happened while preparing for their wager during the second week of the All Stars season. Venita confronted Angel about the way she spoke to other housemates over their statements about the wager. Over time, the two have also spoken to other housemates about their thoughts on each other. In a discussion with Alex and Soma, Venita insinuated that Angel was being manipulative with Soma, after Alex had queried Soma about constantly apologising to Angel, even when he was not in the wrong.

Waving the white flag

The two have had a tumultuous relationship all through the season. Despite their differences, they seem to have found common ground and have recently started bonding over shared experiences and conversations. Right after Sunday's eviction, Venita confided in Angel about her fight with Adekunle, who also consoled her when Adekunle and Venita's conversation escalated into a yelling match. Their intimate convos continued in the early hours of today, with Venita speaking to Angel about how stressful the previous week was for her and the issues she had with Adekunle during the Pepsi task. 

Angel and Venita's fight

Last night however, Angel also spoke with Doyin about Venita being a "mean girl" and agreed with Doyin that Venita expects a certain type of respect from her fellow housemates that she does not give back. Angel also mentioned how Venita's tearful apology around Adekunle's Pardon Me Please saga was conveniently made on nomination day. "She had two weeks to apologise and she didn't. She nominated me, then on Sunday she started crying and telling me she's so sorry. Today's Monday. My sister, I'm putting you up... I have to do my own back," she told Doyin. 

Only time will tell if their newfound closeness will endure. Building a strong bond takes more than just shared experiences and conversations, as it requires trust and understanding to withstand the challenges of the Big Brother Naija house. 

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