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Zuba: Shocking endings and uncertain beginnings – Zambezi Magic

29 April 2024
Here's how the final episode of Zuba Season 7 left us with our jaws on the floor.

To say that Season 7 of Zuba has been a rollercoaster ride is an understatement, as every weeknight on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Channel 5 has been one blow after another of drama, tragedy, struggle and laughter all in one telenovela. The finale episode had no shortage of jaw-dropping events that left us wondering "what's next" for some of our favourite characters.   

If you missed the finale, click below to watch one of the most shocking moments on Zambian television.   

Read on to catch up on some of the key events to watch out for in the new season of the telenovela!   

A family of thieves exposed  

Although the plan was never to disrupt the wedding, new evidence linking Tapiwa to her parents' money-laundering activities sparked an embarrassing scene for the bride. Before the vows could be exchanged, the Drug Enforcement Commission swooped in and arrested Isabel and the bride on charges including money laundering. Dumisani Jere never made it to his daughter's wedding as he was arrested before he could even dress for the ceremony.   

Zuba S8 Poll 1

With the arrests during the wedding, do you see Vinny and Tapiwa finally getting a chance to be happy?

Yes. Their love is true and will flourish through all the challenges. 71%
No. This is the end for the couple. 29%

A vengeful wedding crasher  

Just before they could say "I do", Mildred, Vinny's ex, turned up in tears, also dressed in a wedding gown, and walked down the aisle to marry him! "How does a junkie come to marry Vinny" were her words as she insisted that she was going to marry Vinny on the spot. Everyone was shocked to see her in her own wedding dress.    

Zuba S8 Poll 2

Will Vinny decide to put a ring on Mildred's finger instead now that Tapiwa has been arrested?

Yes, Mildred deserves to be married to Vinny instead of Tapiwa. 4%
No. Mildred's chance with Vinny has already passed. 96%

Luyando, a teenage father  

As if the wedding crasher and arrests were not enough, young Luyando's youth flashed before his eyes when he found out that McKayla was pregnant. What a life-changing moment it was for McKayla to find the courage to ask a stranger to buy her a pregnancy test. Do you think Luyando will be able to handle the responsibility of being a teenage father? We will have to wait and see!    

Zuba S8 Poll 3

What does the future hold for Luyando and McKayla?

Luyando will be a man and take responsibility for his unborn child. 38%
Luyando will avoid responsibility and abandon McKayla. 63%

Trouble between the matriarchs  

There was fire on the mountain! It took Senzeni's lecture to calm the tension and hatred between Phingiwe and Isabel just before Tapiwa and Vinny's wedding. Phingiwe felt it was reckless for Isabel to show up after she had been involved in the closure of her company and the arrest of her son Joshua. With Isabela arrested at the wedding, what could the future hold for these two mothers?   

Zuba S8 Poll 4

Will Isabela and Phingiwe be reunited in the near future?

Yes. They are only enemies now because they don't have a common enemy. 14%
No. Isabela has burnt her bridges and they will never see eye to eye. 86%

An affair with secrets  

In the world of romance, Derrick is deeply troubled by the love affair between Suwi and Chisha. Chisha is head over heels for Suwi and has officially asked Suwi to be his girlfriend, but Derrick is worried that his friend is playing with fire, unaware that this woman is married. We can only wonder what Chisha will do now that he knows his girlfriend is a married woman.   

Zuba S8 Poll 5

What happens next for Chisha and Suwi?

Suwi deserves this kind of love and it's going to get stronger. 40%
Chisha will leave Suwi after this big discovery. 60%

Stay tuned for more thrilling drama in the Zuba telenovela, now airing from Monday to Wednesday at 8pm, here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Channel 5.