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Zuba: Grim revelations and undesirable events at Charles' funeral – Zambezi Magic

26 January 2024
Here are some crazy realities the Sosala family had to deal with during Charles' funeral.

For those of us who follow the unfolding series of events in the Zuba telenovela every Monday to Friday at 20:00 on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 3, who knew that the death of Charles Sosala would open a can of worms for his family and for all to see?

There simply isn't enough time for Phingiwe and her family to digest the reality of Charles' death, as he turned out to be a man of many secrets and unresolved issues. It didn't get any easier when the funeral was hijacked by a debt collector and a girlfriend who claim to know the real truth about Mr Sosala.

Here are some of the reasons why Charles Sosala's funeral has become a spectacle:

Threats from a debt collector

For some people, a funeral is the best opportunity to collect debts. Joshua, being the perfect son he tries to be, had to do everything he could to protect his family home from an unexpected visit from Mr Tswana, the debt collector. A debt of US$1 million is something the family never thought they would have to dispute.

Some extraordinary guests

As is expected at most funerals, various types of guests arrive to support the bereaved, and Charles' funeral was no different. Lute arrived in style with Mainza and Mutinta, causing quite a scene as the professional funeral crier that she is! As if the theatrics were not enough, Pamela, Charles' long-time mistress, arrived and caused a scene that was literally watered down by Phingiwe's "no-nonsense" mother.

An angry uncle

Uncle Chipasha's arrival at the Sosala home was nothing short of a loud bang, as he had a few objectives he wanted to achieve: to recover Charles's fortune, to prove Phingiwe's hand in his nephew's death and to take his nephew's remains home for a village burial. He had everything planned, including forbidding Phingiwe to attend her husband's funeral, a decision she refused to oppose.


Suspicion and blame unleashed

Suspicions that Phingiwe had killed Charles began to spread and Pamela shared her 'secret' with Mr Chipasha. Pamela told Uncle Chipasha that Charles had told her that the reason he was ill was because Phingiwe had allegedly poisoned him. Do you think Phingiwe will find out about this allegation? What do you imagine she would do?

Thieves at the funeral

Could it be a law that every funeral has a few opportunists ready to grab anything that catches their eye? Lute caught a lady stealing raw chicken straight from the fridge. Not even the chitenge could hide the full uncooked chicken as it made its way out of the kitchen.

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