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The mischief unfolds in Mwinemushi

25 October 2023
Short-cuts and short-falls follow Mwinemushi in his mischievous pursuit of the soft life this October.
Pezulu is over the moon - Mwine Mushi Image : 4113

Meet Mwinemushi – an educated village headman who is loud, full of pride and walks with his nose in the air. After returning to his village, having had a council meeting with the House of Chiefs, he takes the stern stance to lead his village with the autocracy of a monarch.

To the disapproval of those living in the village, Mwinemushi upholds ideals of production and austerity, all for his glory. But as he leads, the village community threaten to overthrow his rule through unsuspecting and often comical antics.

Follow the funny and loaded escapades of Mwinemushi as he mediates complicated and mind boggling domestic issues that affect the village daily.

Catch Mwinemushi, Thursdays at 21:00 on OneZed (DStv Channel 172).