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A look back of Zuba

25 August 2023
A story of love, lust, wealth and betrayal, dive into the captivating story of Zuba.
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Zuba is an enthralling telenovela that centres on the life of Zuba, a teenage girl who leaves home in pursuit of her dreams. Showcasing a star-studded cast and plots with enveloping twists and turns, it is no wonder Zuba has kept us entertained for 6 seasons.

From iconic moments in local television to riveting fiction, let’s reflect on the moments that kept us glued to our screens.

The early days when Zuba saved the Sosala factory and fell in love with Thando

The meeting of Thando Sosala and Zuba was not only a star-crossed love story but a saving grace to the Sosala Factory. Through passion and tenacity, Zuba and Thando kept the Factory - although at the cost of their love.

The kidnapping of baby Mutinta

In an act of revenge, Angelina kidnaps baby Mutinta in an effort to get back at her love Thando. An act of love gone horribly wrong sent Zuba in a spiral of emotions, pushing her to do anything to save her child.


The loss of Thando Sosala

A defining moment in the series was the passing of Thando Sosala. After being shot when on the run from police officers, Thando was fatally shot. Our hearts broke as we watched the Sosala family lay their son to rest.

Be sure to catch all the drama in season 7 of Zuba, Monday to Friday at 20:00 on ONEZED (DStv channel 172).