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What next for Zuba and Niko’s love? – Zambezi Magic

11 January 2022
Weddings are always the beginning of something beautiful but could we say the same about Zuba and Niko’s?
Zuba and Niko's life

For many seasons, we have watched Zuba and Niko’s relationship blossom through all the chaos and drama that threatens to rip their worlds apart. Inspector Niko, as we all first knew him as, moved mountains and walls to make sure that he would spend the rest of his life right by Zuba’s side.

Many of us have been confused about Zuba’s love life and were sure that Niko and Zuba’s situationship would not last but the two have proved us wrong! They finally got married despite a long and excruciating entanglement with Thando, the Sosala boy. Anyway, who could ever deny love from such a good-looking detective especially when he makes promises to protect you and sees them through?

Now that the Niko and Zuba’s marriage is official, what’s next for the Gawa family?

Niko has a beautiful young daughter Chikondi who temporarily moved in with the Gawas and this change was met with many tensions and drama. Initially, Zuba was uncomfortable with the idea of Chiko moving in “so soon” and this upset Niko as he thought Zuba was failing to accommodate and love his only daughter… especially because Zuba already has her own child, Baby Mutinta who Niko has completely accepted and opened-up to!

The newly-weds’ lives didn’t get any easier as Chiko showed Zuba her “savage” side. “You’re the reason my mum and dad broke up!” Chiko shouted to Zuba. Oh boy, we knew the young girl was a tough cookie but we never imagined the level of difficulty Zuba would face trying to impress the love of her life’s daughter!

We are now more curious than ever to see how the Gawa blended family finds solutions strengthen their bond. Will Chiko eventually soften up to her stepmother? What will it take for Zuba to win the little girl’s heart and will Chiko’s mother also accept her exe’s and daughter’s new reality?

All we can do is wait and find out in the upcoming episodes of Zuba.

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