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Mai Chidoti and Suwi: Damsels in distress – Zambezi Magic

24 November 2021
What will happen to Suwi and Mai Chidoti’s relationship now that the truth is out?
Zubas damsels in distress

Suwi, or “Susan” as we recently found out from Mai Chidoti, is going through “the most” in one of Zambezi Magic’s most watched telenovelas Zuba.  

From marrying into the wealthy Sosala family, to her various attempts at ending Zuba’s pregnancy (with Mai Chidoti’s help), we can’t deny that Suwi is one of the reasons that keep us coming back weekly for a peek at the mighty plot twists the telenovela keeps surprising us with.  

In a recent episode, we found out that Mai Chidoti is not Suwi’s biological mother! It turns out Suwi was taken from Mutinta 20 years ago as a baby and Mai Chidoti kept her as her very own! ?Mai Chidoti has been a cunning lady, but we never expected her to keep such a secret forever! As you may have seen, once one secret comes out, the rest come tumbling out. We hope you have enough data to catch up on the episodes you may have missed on Showmax. Click here and see for yourself. 

We have seen from a series of conversations Mai Chidoti has had about her involvement in Mutinta’s disappearance all those years ago but we can also see that somewhere behind her dancing for the bad guy, she has a sense of understanding and willingness to show love to those she cares about.  

We guess she got tired of playing by the pastor’s beat because she has been shedding tears from the moment he revealed their deal about Mutinta’s disappearance. “You got Mutinta’s baby but giving me Mutinta has proven difficult,” he said as he confronted her. 

What we knew all along was that Lute had requested Mai Chidoti to end Mutinta’s life because she wanted Mainza all to herself. Talk about claiming your territory! This was, however, too good to be true. Mutinta is back and all the secrets are unraveling.  

We are curious to see how Suwi and Zuba grow to love each other or possibly hate each other more since this shocking discovery. Will sharing a mother allow them to join forces to outsmart the Sosalas? After all, we can’t help but point out the similarities between the ladies – falling in love with brothers, and their tendencies of stepping out on their sibling husbands! ? 

You don’t want to miss out on what happens next on #ZMZuba. Tune in every Monday to Friday at 20:00hrs on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.