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Characters we said goodbye to – Zambezi Magic

25 February 2022
It’s not always excitement and joy on Zambezi Magic screens. Here are some characters we said goodbye to.
Character deaths

Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5 continues to bring you fresh laughs, drama and chaos but there are also times when things get messy.

In the last week, we bid farewell to Jaden in Zuba after his life was taken by angry widow Bwalya and in Amooye, Ntaz took it into her hands to literally stop Noni from creeping with her husband, Themba. If you missed out on these vengeance-filled episodes, you can catch up on both scenes on Showmax. Click here to stream.

We can’t help but notice striking similarities in the way these main characters died and there are also a few lessons we can uncover from these untimely departures.

Death by the barrel

The last time both Noni and Jaden saw the light of life was when they were staring into the barrel of a gun. There is no doubt that when a gun in pointed in a heated altercation, someone at either end ends up dead and the other imprisoned. Jaden of course died after experiencing torture from the woman he once loved, but there was a slight glimpse of hope when Phingiwe wanted out of the murder. Watch how the dispute unfolded below.

An act of vengeance

If both Jaden and Noni had stayed in their lanes, they would probably be alive right now but this time around they crossed unforgiving paths. Ntaz was simply acting under the influence of insecurities about her marriage and in order to fix it, she “accidentally” shot Noni during a confrontation about Noni’s recent fling with her husband, Themba. Oddly enough, the couple seems to have become a “Bonnie and Clyde” combo as they try to cover up the evidence.

Similarly, Jaden killed Bwalya’s husband, so this was enough to drive her to killing him with motivation and help from Jaden’s ex-lover, Phingiwe who became terrified to complete the mission in the last minute.

Could it be karma? 

Simply put: Noni once killed Alan. Could this be her own full circle moment for the most terrible thing she did in her lifetime since Alan’s killer never really got discovered? Jaden killed Bwalya’s husband and many more people considering his kidnapping and mafia tendencies. His death points to the saying, “what goes around, comes around”.

Zambezi Magic fam, some of you have even shared how you feel about their deaths and needless to say, we wait for the stories to unfold especially as season six of Zuba is on the horizon. Look out for the premiere of Zambia’s most watched telenovela on Monday 4 April 2022!

Stay plugged into more drama right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.