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Adopting Beef – Zuba

20 July 2021
Should or shouldn’t we pick sides when things fall apart?
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When things end there always seems to be this unwritten rule that people adopt: “my friends are my friends and so is my family.” This isn’t always an easy thing to live by, because our lives become so intertwined. You’ve probably spent so much time with your partners friends that you even have inside jokes about your partner even. ?

So when you breakup it doesn’t only feel like you’re breaking up with your partner, but with the family and the friends as well. You have to say goodbye to the birthday parties, the games nights, the dinners and so much more. 

The question we want to ask is, do you have to adopt the beef? The term adopting beef means picking a side and cutting communication with someone because your friend or family member is no longer on good terms with them – and as a result, neither are you. Speaking to someone who is no longer on good terms with your loved one shouldn’t be a measure of loyalty, but for some it is. 

This week on #ZMZuba Thando gets upset at Michelle for speaking to Zuba. Is he ridiculous for feeling this way or are his feelings valid? 

We’ve come up with five different methods that you can help you adopt beef and no one will even know that you’re beefing with them. 

* Block and unblock on Twitter 

* The mute button across social media platforms should be your best friend. Why? Because you almost forget that the person even exists  

* You can hide your stories from certain people 

* You can remove people from following you on Instagram and it won’t notify them; you know what they say about out of sight, out of mind. ?

* Unsave their number and block notifications from unknown numbers. This one’s a bit extreme, we know ?

We want to know what your thoughts on adopting beef are. 

Will things stay this tense between Thando and Zuba or will they find their way back to each other again? 

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