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Zambezi Magic: Welcome The Weekend

13 September 2018
Let’s take a look at what to expect this weekend
mfai mwaka mugala

We all know that Thursday officially marks the beginning of the weekend and it wouldn’t make sense if our viewing pleasures aren’t consolidated properly. So, let us take a sneak peek at what’s in store for us by checking out the line-up below.


Friday at 19:30hrs: MwineMushi

Kasaka is picking up dames, even after his boss Mwine Mushi has cautioned him never to allow anyone sit on the car.


Friday at 20:30hrs: Spoiler

Handing out explosives to untrained people can lead to dire consequences; and the look on his face speaks volumes.


Friday at 22hrs: Zed Top 10

On the hot seat this weekend is Petersen Zagaze, and you know this multi-faceted muso and entrepreneur has a lot to say.


Saturday at 19:30hrs: My Father And I

Mwaka Mugala is an actor, visual artiste, and an all round bundle of talent, but watch this episode as she talks about her inspirations growing up.


Sunday at 18hrs: MKPZambia

This Sunday on MKPZambia, we are taken along on another interesting love story as a new bride shares her kitchen party moments with us.



We have just enhanced your viewing experience this weekend, so gather the family and friends around as we crank it up a notch or three.

Stay tuned for all the new and returning shows on Zambezi Magic. Join the conversation on social media using the official hashtag #ZambeziMagic.