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Dambisa is An African Baby – Zed Top 10

22 November 2018
Dambisa graces the hot seat to share her musical sojourns with us
dambisa zedtop10 ep 12

Christened Michelle Lunda Dambisa but popularly known in music and entertainment circles as Dambisa Zambia, this diminutive song bird is famous for being outspoken and not giving a care about how people view her or her comments and lifestyle as she lives her life by one simple principle, 'staying true to herself'. 

Dambisa claims to have started singing at an early age of 9 years old and her earliest music memories are of herself miming and dancing to the late great Michael Jackson songs. Such musical heavyweights like MJ and Tina Turner helped shape her onto the performer she is today; but her biggest kudos goes to her father who not only encouraged her to follow her passion, but also provided funding for some of her early sojourns into the arts.

Dambisa fondly refers to herself as the dancehall queen, a moniker coined by her fans across Zambia as she has carved a niche for herself in this male dominated genre, dropping hits after hits and endearing herself to a wide variety of fans across Zambia and spreading across the continent too.

Balancing a musical career and raising her sons, Dambisa is focused on retaining her spot at the top of the female dancehall hierarchy, and her latest offering of “African Baby” will get you tapping your feet to the rhythm as you celebrate your proud Zambian and African roots.

So make sure to tune in to Zed Top 10 this Friday from 21:30hrs as Dambisa Zambia will be sharing her musical journey and influences with us. Besides, why would you want to miss an opportunity to fawn over the delectable queen of dancehall?

Catch Dambisa in the hot seat with K’Chinga on Zed Top 10 this Friday at 21:00 only on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 160 and the repeat on Saturday at 10:00. Engage with the show by liking our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and on Instagram using #ZMZedTop10.