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K'Chinga's Got All The Steez

08 November 2017
We thought we should remind you how hot our Zed Top 10 host, K'Chinga is.

We've obviousky been stalking him in the past weeks since he started hosting the music show and oooh we can't stop drooling. If it's not his good looks, it's just his general steez.

Just so we don't leave anyone behind, let's unpack the word STEEZ. According to internetslang.com STEEZ means "Style with ease" So now you know - STEEZ means "Style with ease" - don't thank us.

You can never go wrong with DENIM.

On that B-Ball tip.

That chasing-paper state of mind.

Catch K'Chinga on Zed Top 10 every Friday at 20:00 only on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 160 and the repeat on Saturdays at 10:00. Engage with the show on social media using #ZMZedTop10.