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Makuza "B'mak" Mazzuki

Popularly known as B'mak, Makuza is a multi-talented individual with notable experience as an Actor, TV personality, Marketing Executive, Rap artist and Athlete.

His first experience with Television dates back to 1996 when he auditioned and was picked to present a kiddies TV show "Watoto wetu" on Tanzania's ITV, where his passion for TV and the Media as a whole was honed. He's also been a Basketball player since childhood where he's represented Zambia in the Under 18, 20 and later the senior national team. Having acquired an Advanced Diploma in Communications from the Australian Perth Institute of Business and Technology, it became clear to him that Television and Media are where he belongs. "My field of study gave me an in depth understanding of the Media coupled with Marketing and Advertising," he explains.

He adds that his love for Rap was also born during the same era and he and a few friends formed a Rap crew, Pitch Black. What started off as a 'college stunt' grew into somewhat of a culture, which took Lusaka's underground Rap scene by storm. The crew became a constant feature at prestigious college events and beauty pageants. However after Graduation the group split up and a few years later B'mak was signed to XYZ entertainment, one of the biggest record labels in Zambia and he's currently working on his debut album "Mak of All Trades". B'mak has been in several TV commercials for local and international brands and also auditioned and got the role of brand ambassador for a popular international detergent. Without letting the cat out of the bag, let's just say Zathu is not the only place you'll be seeing B'mak on Zambezi but you'll have to watch this space. "I have such a huge passion for Television and my dream is to grow my talents and share them with the entire world", he concludes.