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Umutenge Season 3 breaks the mold

28 February 2020
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Umutenge Season 3 brings to life the age old adage - 'Don't make promises you can't keep.'

The scene is set in Zambia's Copperbelt.

Granny Lenganji (52), on her wedding day to Emerald (45) is exposed to the ultimate humiliation. A 35-year-old woman - Nancy, to whom Emerald has been promising marriage - storms the reception, in a white wedding gown of her own and forces herself into the newlyweds lives as the second wife!

Back story

Granny Lenganji has demure hopes of happily ever after with her beau Emerald Chabu.

Emerald runs an informal money lending business and formally deals in emeralds. Hence the name 'Emerald', a nickname which he later formally adopted in lieu of his birth name - Isaac.

At his office, Emerald has an ambitious secretary, Nancy. Throughout their on an on-and-off co-habiting relationship, he promised her marriage many times. Nancy’s ultimate goal is to run Emerald’s business. Not satisfied with stampeding Granny and Emerald's nuptial celebrations, she arrives at their home and states her bold intentions to stay.

Silwamba is a jobless relative of Emerald's. He arrives for the wedding but stays on. Soon he becomes Emerald’s favorite when Emerald discovers that Silwamba is a trained accountant and can be instrumental to the business.

Silwamba came with his 19-year-old daughter Monde who was on the wedding line up, together with her 22-year-old cousin Chibwe. The two cousins chose to stay on with their newly wed Granny, but between them, none wants to live with the other, and either one is capable of doing just about anything to have the other leave.

And so the household faces dangers from within and without. Sabotage is inevitable, alliances are forged and are broken, temptation is weaponised and sweet smiles hide poisonous intent. Umutenge tells the story of a home at war with itself, and only the fittest and stealthiest will survive.

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