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Forcing a square peg into a round hole – Umutenge

31 August 2020
Nancy turned a family’s lives upside down with her efforts to worm her way into their marriage and fortune.
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Umutenge Season 3 presented a ‘woman scorned’ story, with a dazzling twist; some women may walk away from a man who has clear intentions to marry another, but not Nancy.

A woman scorned

Throughout their on-again off-again - relationship, Nancy’s beau Emerald had promised her marriage many times. But when he unexpectedly called it quits and revealed his intentions to build a life with Granny Lenganji, all bets were off!

With one fell swoop, all of Nancy’s goals and ambitions to run Emerald’s thriving gem business were dashed; and the vengeful Nancy promptly set a plan in motion to crash Granny and Emerald's wedding reception in a wedding gown of her own.

Not satisfied with making a mockery of their matrimony, she arrived at their home and stated her bold intentions to stay. And so all hell broke loose within the household: sabotage became the order of the day, fleeting alliances were forged and broken, temptation was weaponised and sweet smiles hid poisonous intent.


When Emerald’s shady business deals landed him in a jail cell, Nancy had 3 all-important days to stage a coup of CCE. She brought in Inonge to seduce Silwamba and gain control of the company’s finances. This devilishly clever tactic worked like a charm-until the release of Emerald -- and Inonge’s confession about her collusion with Nancy.

You're fired!

Nancy had one last card to play…and it involved getting rid of Granny once and for all. She drugged Granny and hired some thugs to carry her off into the sunset. Yet after expediting Granny's disappearance, Nancy didn't get the attention she was expecting from Emerald. Instead she got stuck with a hefty kidnapping bill, and housemates that suspected her of wrongdoing.

Not what she expected


Do you believe Nancy could have had happiness and peace if she had just let Emerald go? Or do you believe there was more than one bad guy to blame for all the things that went wrong on #ZMUmutenge Season 3? Let us know by casting your vote in our final Umutenge poll: https://zambezimagic.dstv.com/show/umutenge_83