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Laugh Out Loud with late night comedy

22 February 2023
From stand-up comedy to beloved sitcoms, there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy with loved ones on OneZed from Wednesdays – Fridays.
Night of Laughter

Get ready to laugh your heart out with OneZed’s (DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8) late comedy nights, every Wednesday to Friday to enjoy with your loved ones.

The stand-up comedians in Night of Laughter perform live, in front of the audience and deliver endless punchlines that are relatable and witty.

The Security Guard follows the daily lives of the employees at a security company as they encounter hilarious misadventures. Meanwhile, Limbani is determined to escape poverty but he often becomes his own worst enemy in his quest for success in Uncle Limbani.

Night of Laughter, Thursdays at 21:30

Don't miss Chingliz’s third comedy special called Father Figure, where he shares his experiences and challenges of being a father. He leaves the audience in stitches as he recalls his personal stories.

Uncle Limbani, Fridays at 21:00

This week, Kinara confronts Limbani for making Mayamiko pay to see her. Later in the episode, things take a hilarious turn when Limbani drops Gertrude’s CV at a lodge where he is meeting a female friend, and the management catches him red-handed.

The Security Guard, Fridays at 21:30

Join the Tizadyanabo security company for an entertaining episode. In the latest development, the company’s director has been arrested by the police after signing a police bond for the CEO’s secretary.

Tune into the best local entertainment on OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8.