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7 Lessons from the shows illustrious guests so far – Tuvwange

31 August 2020
Tuvwange Season 2 has just passed the halfway mark, and we’re recounting some key lessons from the shows celebrity guests
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Tuvwange Season 2 kicked off with internationally acclaimed photographer Chellah Tukuka joining the panel to discuss what it means to be 'marriage material'. He intimated the top 3 qualities that attracted his wife to him: his frankness, good looks and his approachable personality.

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Natasha, Esther and Michie defined 'cheating' in its various contexts, before special guest Ethel Kamanga shared her unique perspective on how she would react if her partner ever cheated. In her words, “If he cheats, I will show him my support as the head of the house by following in his footsteps and cheating as well!” Good to know Ethel!??

Dealing with infidelity

Reverend Walter Mwambazi weighed in on the blurred distinction between men of God and men of gold, and shed light on the difficulties encountered in regulating church systems thus allowing people to be exploited by fake pastors and Papa's.

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Anita Simutenga joined the panel to talk about the hidden pain behind her ‘Diva’ persona, detailing how she overcame controversy in her early career with the help of her family. In her words, “I just want to say thank you to my family, I am here because of them.”

Redefining what it means to be a diva

Special guest Chilufya Tayali joined the Tuvwange panel to share his take on family values and the importance of carrying these values through in his business endeavours.

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Next, #ZMTuvwange invited money guru Jane Mazimba to talk about how to make your money work for YOU. She outlined the 4 layers of money: income, savings, investment and debt management. Watch the highlight below for some pointers on how to manage money like a millionaire…

How to make your money work for you

Last but certainly not least, Aubrey Luo AKA Shi Mumbi joined the set to explore the complexities of long distance relationships and their potential of success or failure given the practical challenges they face. According to Aubrey, long distance relationships are a big NO NO. And he should know, after attempting and failing at them twice. He does make a concession for Covid-era relationships though, after all, we are all social distancing nowadays. ?

Long distance relationships

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