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The pressure to secure the ring - Tuvwange

03 December 2019
Does society still put undue pressure on ladies to get married?
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With the festive season around the corner many will be heading off to their homelands to catch up with family and enjoy the holidays as one. The end of the year brings about great joy as we reflect on the year that's passed while mapping out the plans for the future. But the usually joyful family gathering can also be a source of dread for some, particulary the ladies of our society. And that's because of the ever-dreaded question 'When are you getting married?'.

The seemingly innocent but often laced question puts pressure on young ladies as they subtly made to feel like there's something wrong for not yet being hitched. But in case you weren't aware of just how in appropriate the question can be at times, here are a few scenarios that can totally warrant not yet being wed.

No Desire To.

As surprising as it may seem to some, there's some individuals who genuinely have no desire to ever get married and perhaps the once thing one can do is try force them to tie the knot. 

The Time Hasn't Come

As our careers and life paths are all so different, it's a given that not everyone will want to get married at the same time. The reasons can range from wanting to pursue your career first or simply being so self-aware that you realise you're not yet in the right mind space to take that leap. Either way, marriage should be a decision you take in your own time not because of societal pressure. 

Bae Is Still On The Way

As fate would have it, sometimes that special someone just hasn't come along yet and so, much like not being ready to get married, Mr or Mrs Right is still on the way. And we all know nothing beats marrying the love of your life.

Ultimately though the decision on when to take the leap should be all up to you and on your own terms. For those still on the journey to their wedding day, all the best and good luck! Hopefully we'll see you on #OPWZed some day ?

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