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What Social Media Says about building a positive relationship with your in-laws – Tuvwange

20 February 2020
A positive relationship with your in-laws is dependant on setting the right tone from the onset

"Get it right from the onset!" is PASTOR SHINGONGO's advice.

FIRST he dispels the notion that when one marries, they marry their partner’s family too! Genesis 2:24 - the basis of his argument - states the following:

"For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh."

With this in mind, when a man and a woman marry, they leave their parents and their pattern of life behind – to carve out a new structure and constitution that accommodate a separate union. That is, they become independent of their parents or in-laws. Respect for this biblical principal (from both sides), according to Pastor Shingongo, is the first ingredient in the recipe for a successful relationship between in-laws.

SECOND, establish some boundaries people!
Agree as a couple that you will not allow interference in your home or relationship from either set of parents.

THIRD, limit the personal information or intimate details that you share with parties outside of your marriage.
It’s none of their business people!

Finally - freshly armed with Pastor Shingongo's advice - we review how Zambia’s families are doing with regards to living with and loving their in-laws: 

The poll asked participants to answer YES - if they have a positive relationship with their in-laws; or NO – if their relationship was generally left-field.

Here’s how Zambia voted!

Poll Participation: 102 votes

OPTION #1: YES - It's all love over here - 71 %

OPTION #2: NO - Unfortunately not - 29 %

Here's how you broke down your answers in the poll's extended version:

OPTION #1: GREAT, we both made the effort - 64 %

OPTION #2: GREAT, I made an extra effort - 20 %

OPTION #3: POORLY, we can't stand each other - %

OPTION #4: POORLY, I've made an extra effort but it hasn't helped - 16 %

Seems like the majority of married couples are living well with + love their in-laws! GREAT NEWS ??

That's what Social Media Says Zambia! Surprised?

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