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What 'Social Media Says' about the other woman – Tuvwange

17 February 2020
To confront the other woman or NOT to confront the other woman?

Thank you once again for your participation in our weekly Tuvwange polls!

In this Social Media Says segment - we review how you voted against your peers on the topic: To confront the other woman or NOT to confront the other woman? The poll asked you to answer YES - as soon as possible, if you would; or NO - absolutely not, if you would rather avoid that can of worms!
And the results are in:

Poll Participation: 179 votes

OPTION #1: YES - As soon as possible!- 14%

OPTION #2: NO - Absolutely not! - 86%

Here's how you broke down your answers in the poll's extended version:

OPTION #1: YES, because I will get the truth from her - 29%

OPTION #2: YES, just for control (to let her know that I am here!) - 6%

OPTION #3: NO, I'd rather confront my partner - 54%

OPTION #4: NO, I'm afraid of the unknown - 11%

Seems like the overwhelming sentiment is that women wouldn't approach the other woman but would go directly to the source - their partner! 

That's what Social Media Says Zambia! Surprised?

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