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Tuvwange concludes their debut season

07 May 2020
It's been a phenomenal season of very rich discussions and debates. Here's a short write up on the best of Tuvwange

Tuvwange’s debut season shone a much-needed light on society’s most pressing issues as discussed by the all female hosts: Natasha Van Der Maas, Esther Chungu, Michelo Malambo and Mutale Mwanza.

The outspoken panel who reflect the times and modern culture shared their views and perspectives accumulated through varied life experiences on topics such as: the issues surrounding polygamy; why the sweetest girls fall for bad boys; their pressure to get married; dealing with the in-laws; depression, addiction and drug abuse to name a few.

Celebrity guests were also invited to join in these in-depth weekly discussions  and convey their own life experiences on the topics at hand. We go down memory lane as we remember Aunty Peggy who took us through the journey of her own struggles with depression and alcohol abuse. Chacha Cottan from Zuba also joined the ladies of Tuvwange to discuss the issues surrounding interracial marriage; whilst Pastor Shingongo gave his tried and tested tips on how to deal with in-laws. Viewers also got to witness the concept of love at first sight through celebrity guest Willz; and Dambisa (just to name a few) shared her views on single parenting.

YOU also took part in our #ZMTuvwange polls and gave unprecedented insight into the minds and lives of everyday Zambians!

What were some of your favourite topics that were covered on #ZMTuvwange?