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Security Guard S6

Major Mapiki, the public laughing stock is back to salvage what is left of his honour after Kawale, his junior, has married his ex-wife. Making her entrance as an ally to Alibaba, Bana Sansapo, comes in with her own unique style of comedy as a loyal supporter of Alibaba against his juniors. Kawale and his amazing cronies are also here to spice this ultimate comedy series with their foolish behaviours.

S6 | E16
24 April 19:00
'S6/E16 of 26'. Life is chaotic at Tizadyanabo Security. The employees hold the power and their decisions determine the ...

Security Guard Season 6 Intensifies the Madness

04 January

The madhouse is in full swing, the latest season of Security Guard features a mix of familiar faces and newcomers, all eagerly showcasing their unique brands of insanity. Amidst the uproar, the hullabaloo shows no signs of letting up, promising an unrelenting whirlwind of entertainment!

Security Guard S6 Promises a Riot of Madness and Mayhem

28 December 2023
As Security Guard Season 6 kicks off, get ready for a wild ride through a madhouse filled with a vibrant mix of old and new characters, each vying to outdo the others in the realm of madness.
Security Guard S6 article  cover with cast members

The season unfolds like a carnival of entertainment, featuring themes ranging from retribution and blackmail to infidelity, betrayal, falls from grace, and even the specter of death. It's a concoction that promises an unparalleled blend of excitement and amusement.

Among the eclectic characters is Kachesha, the perpetual escape artist, always sprinting away from the chaos he ignites. Who can forget Alibaba, the towering figure with an ace up his sleeve, consistently one step ahead of both friends and perceived enemies. Major Mapiki, the public laughing stock, is determined to salvage what's left of his honor after his junior, Kawale, married his ex-wife.

Adding a twist to the comedy ensemble is Bana Sansapo, entering as Alibaba's ally, armed with her unique style of humor. As a steadfast supporter of Alibaba against his juniors, she brings an extra layer of laughter to the series. Meanwhile, Kawale and his delightful cronies contribute their foolish behaviors to spice up this ultimate comedy series.

In Security Guard Season 6, expect the unexpected, with characters painted in different shades, unveiling a plethora of unpredictable scenarios. Whether it's the escapades of Kachesha, the calculated moves of Alibaba, or the hilarious antics of Kawale and his cronies, this season promises an unparalleled blend of madness that will keep audiences hooked from start to finish.

Get ready to laugh, cringe, and be thoroughly entertained by the pandemonium that unfolds within this uproarious and unpredictable comedy Thursdays at 21:30hrs on Zambezi Magic (DStv Channel 172 and GOtv supa channel 3).

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